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System Integrator of Maritime Acquisition Services and Engineering Solutions

Integration of Marine Engineering Systems at every stage: equipment selection, delivery and installation on the platform including Start-up and Set-up Operations, Personnel training, and technical support

Specialized Survey Equipment & Subsea Tooling Rental

Consulting services for the implementation of digital transformation. Analysis and reengineering of business processes in comply with the chosen digital transformation strategy.

Performing advanced 3D structural inspections to create «Digital Twins» of physical assets such as seaports terminals, coastal protection works, bridges, dams, etc..

About us

Tazmar Maritime team is comprised of competent people with many years of experience and true patience for what they do. Every employee, regardless of their line of work, from engineers to the customer relation managers has a rich background and maximum involvement with the latest technological advances of the maritime industry.

Цифровизация – это драйвер развития современной экономики, тренд, повышающий эффективность управления активами. Цифровые двойники составляют основу любой цифровой трансформации, давая возможность устранить информационные разрывы для максимально экономически эффективного создания конечного продукта или предоставления качественных услуг

Digitalization is a driver for the development of a modern economy, a trend that increases the efficiency of asset management.

Digital twins form key basis of any digital transformation, making it possible to eliminate information gaps for the most cost-effective creation of a final product or the provision of safe and quality services.

The four focal points of our code of business conduct:

One company

Direct contact. Direct contract. No «middle man» in the process.

Keeping up with the latest technological advances

We strive to be in the forefront of the global digital transformation trends

Innovative equipment

We aim to deliver only the latest equipment and solutions from the leading manufacturers


Vast experience in importation and fast delivery of the complex equipment in the territory of the Russian Federation

Areas of application

High Resolution 3D Asset Inspections Above and Below Waterline:
Seaport terminals, coastal protection works, bridges, piers and berths, Dams, subsea cables and pipelines
Surveys for safety of navigation in areas with critical under keel clearance
Inspection of shipping channels Object Detection and Debris Clearance Support of construction and dredging operations
Environment and Habitat Mapping
Coastal Zone Management
Equipment Sales and Rental
Supply of equipment for all size projects in both private and state procurement sectors


Digitization and visualization of in-water facilities

Tazmar Maritime team provides a complete set of 3D inspections to enable the most accurate and fastest assessment of structural conditions affecting the life cycle and helping to optimize management and operation of an asset located in coastal areas. We provide a seamless scan of the above and below water parts of in-water structures in order to precisely capture the most current state of an object and build a «digital twin» of the physical asset.

Dredging Operations Support

Using the very latest in precision sonar and laser technology we can swiftly deliver the dredge control survey ourselves or offer to deploy a real-time dredging monitoring system on the customer’s dredger. Such an approach will reduce the waiting time for the accurate bathymetric information during the construction project execution phase and would help to greatly optimize the dredger operation schedule.

Survey of extended subsea facilities (Pipeline/Cable Route Survey)

We deliver a full range of services to support pipelines and subsea cables project at every stage of execution: pre-lay, as-lay, post-lay survey services. We offer detailed information on the condition of the facility and surrounding environment to allow asset operators making decisions on timely intervention to reduce identified risks and eliminate the effects of natural or man-made origin hazards, as well as to make sure that the facilities are completed in accordance with the original design of the project.

Environment monitoring surveys

Our team is capable of carrying out surveys related to environmental assessment impact works in the most delicate and protected coastal environments leveraging on the application of the unmanned survey platforms. The studies can be applied to asses the changes of the coastal water areas, determine the shoreline erosion process, evaluate the industrial pollution, enable flood risk management and help determine unauthorized sewage discharges.

Our customer’s feedback is an essential tool that every day directs us in the way we do conduct our operations setting our business on the right path to deliver the best what the industry has to offer.

Equipment – What we use

Laser scanning systems

We have several laser scanning systems in service for different platforms: surface (a survey boat or an Autonomous Surface Vehicle) and airborne (an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The use of remote sensing technologies deployed on different survey platforms, allows us to get the most complete information about the surveyed objects.

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Unmanned surface vehicle

For quick and precise survey works in ports, marinas, and inland waterways, etc., we use light electric unmanned surface vehicles. Such vehicles are easy to maintain, easy to transport to a place of work and do not require a lifting device to launch them into the water. All this allows us to save time and resources by providing the best and safe service.

Inertial navigation systems

We use high quality vessel positioning systems that allow high-precision positioning of the survey vessel both in adverse weather conditions and during operations near overhanging structures in conditions of unstable GNSS signals.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

A full range of services for continuous monitoring of pipelines and cables. Providing detailed information on the condition of the site and adjacent water area to make timely intervention decisions to reduce identified risks and eliminate the effects of natural or anthropogenic impacts, or to ensure that their facilities are executed in accordance with the original design of the project

High density and high resolution multibeam echosounders

We use the most advanced swath survey systems in our work. Our multibeam echosounders have a variety of advantages:

  • High resolution and data density — allows confident search for the smallest man-made objects.
  • Wide angular swath — significantly increases productivity of operations in shallow water.
  • Electric beam steering to inspect the vertical parts of the bases of nearshore engineering structures.


195027, Saint Petersburg,

Sverdlovskaya naberejnaya, 4U

Business center «Winter», office 210

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