Increased battery capacity - 60% more power than V6.
Allows you to work up to 6 hours in one dive.
All-wheel drive robotic arm.
Increased power
for long dives
The V6s is powered by Premium Panasonic batteries that allow you to extend your dive time by up to 6 hours and reduce downtime with safe and fast charging.
Set of tools
for underwater photography
FIFISH V6s robotic arm with neutral
buoyancy provides excellent work
quality with optimum precision.
Compact, durable
and functional
The robotic arm provides a clamping force
of 100N as well as the ability to move large
and heavy objects, which is useful in a wide
range of applications.

Specifications of FIFISH V6s

FIFISH V6s is assembled from high quality components
to provide users with a safe, reliable
and durable underwater tool. We use 316 stainless steel waterproof connector, which is highly resistant to corrosion, and a plug that has been tested over a thousand times.
Immersion depth
Depth hold
240 FPS SloMo Capture
Resolution 12 megapixels
166° wide angle lens
4K UHD Camera
LEDs 4000 lumens
3 knots (1.5 m/s)
DNG (RAW) format support
Fast charging

Gallery with FIFISH V6s

FIFISH V6s redefines the operational concepts of compact ROVs.
Tow and move objects with a neutrally buoyant robotic arm and durable tether.
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