Modern marine technologies
  • Digitization of hydraulic structures
    The TAZMAR MARITIME team provides a complete set 3D survey that provide the most accurate and fastest assessment of structural conditions affecting the life cycle of a structure located in coastal areas. We perform a "seamless" survey of the surface and underwater parts of hydraulic structures for the purpose of digitization and building a "digital twin" of a physical object.
  • Accompaniment of dredging works
    We use modern equipment to accompany the dredging. At the request of the customer, we can perform periodic soundings ourselves or install a real-time dredging control system on the customer's dredger. This approach will reduce the number of refining soundings and correctly plan the dredger's work schedule.
  • Examination of extended underwater objects
    A complete set of services for continuous monitoring of the position of pipelines and cables. Providing detailed information about the state of the object and the adjacent water area in order to make timely decisions on intervention to reduce the identified risks, or to make sure that the facilities are completed in accordance with the project documentation.
  • Monitoring studies environment
    We carry out related work on environmental monitoring. We carry out surveys of the bottom relief in vast water areas, including recreational areas, using electric autonomous surface vehicles. The work can be used to assess changes in coastal waters, degradation of beaches, overgrowth of shallow waters, pollution with solid waste, and determination of unauthorized flows into water bodies.
Hydrographic surveys for the safety of navigation
Subsea Infrastructure Survey (pipelines and communication cables)
Structural 3D surveys of capital construction projects
Engineering support of construction and dredging projects
Advanced bathymetry before the passage of a seismic vessel and pipe/cable layer
SEARCH FOR OBJECTS under the water
Underwater search for GPs (explosive items)

About company

TAZMAR MARITIME is a team of maritime professionals who understand the specifics,
technologies and methods for performing a wide range of tasks.
Our company provides safe, effective and reliable service for complex marine engineering surveys using combined survey methods. We are actively implementing the concept of creating "digital twins" of physical objects.

What are we doing

We have chosen the path of introducing innovative technologies to address the current and future needs of our customers.
TAZMAR MARITIME performs high quality marine engineering surveys for the design, construction, operation and reconstruction of hydraulic structures, scientific research, mining, archaeological and environmental issues.

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