Here are our photo and video reports on completed projects
in Novorossiysk
At the end of February - beginning of March 2023, TAZMAR MARITIME delivered a set
of equipment to ACHBF ROSMORPORT
in the city of Novorossiysk.
- During work, they installed
and adjustment of the hydrographic complex
— Trained local specialists to work
with complex.
– Carrying out control measurements of depths in order to determine the quality
and accuracy of the hydrographic complex.

Video footage: Nikita Treschalov — Hydrograph Engineer at TAZMAR MARITIME
in 2022, TAZMAR MARITIME decided to change the office space.
In 2022, TAZMAR MARITIME decided to change the office space.
We abandoned the "classic" corridors and closed offices. Instead, we chose a completely unique OPEN SPACE OFFICE project, which would be comfortable for all employees and guests of the company.
The organization of the working space of the presented project is aimed primarily at creating comfortable working conditions for people. According to our team, a socially oriented environment, where employees spend most of their lives, directly affects the feeling of quality of life, loyalty to the place of work, and the growth of the efficiency of intellectual work.
The layout of the premises is implemented by a combination of the open-space format with the addition of private zones for various purposes. The project has developed a two-level zoning. In terms of the number of workplaces 41, with a total office area of 384 m2, the space exceeds the norms for organizing workplaces by 2 times. Much attention was paid to engineering networks: a supply and exhaust system for 3000 m3 / h with an air purification function, water heated floors, an audio system around the entire perimeter with a special group of speakers for concerts. A large amount of natural wood is used in interior elements. The lighting system has different levels of illumination to create both an atmosphere for intensive work and an intimate evening environment. Attention is drawn to the abundant landscaping around the entire perimeter of the office, this decision adds environmental friendliness to the office and softens the overall industrial design.
Presentation of a joint project with TAZMAR IT-SOLUTIONS
at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
On February 15 and 16, 2023, the Chamber
of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation hosted VI Congress “Hydrotechnical Structures and dredging”, where representatives of industry organizations met.
The issue of import substitution in the field
of dredging and the supply of high-tech equipment by Russian enterprises was discussed.
Dead ships: general cleaning
in the port of Severo-Kurilsk
Marine scientists from TAZMAR MARITIME conduct research on marine objects
with in the framework of the project of general cleaning of the water area of the Far East.
News release dated
05.10.2022 VGTRK
News release dated 05.10.2022 VGTRK:
TAZMAR MARITIME raises sunken ships.

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